Breaking-In Copy


The start of your horse’s journey is important to both you and the horse. 

When your horse embarks on their breaking-in program, they are met with a brilliant horseman by the name of Karel, to share this exciting time of learning, moving forward and uncovering fears. 

Karel, who’s philosophy is patience and acceptance, allows your horse to discover their own self through methods of confidence boosting, bonding and trust.

Every element of the breaking-in process is timed to suit your horse. Some horses will learn and accept quicker than others and we wait until they’re ready to take the next step forward.

The program is tailored to every horse. Whether your horse is aiming for a jumping, dressage, racing or polo career, every horse is different therefore every process and approach is different.

Horses are under full-care agistment in our world-class facility, with 24/7 supervision of our highly trained staff for the duration of their stay.

Owner’s are very welcome to regularly watch, get involved and learn from their horse’s breaking-in journey. This helps the horse and rider relationship grow. 

* The first 10 people to book will receive the Breaking-In Standard Package for $2999 and the Full Package for $4,999. Please call (03) 5989 6119 or email to book.

Standard Package includes: 6 week breaking-in program and full-care stable agistment. RRP $3,600

Full Package includes: 6 weeks breaking-in program, 4 weeks spelling, followed by 2 weeks training. Full-care stable (when breaking and training) and paddock (when spelling) agistment included. RRP $5,500

“All bonds are built on trust.
Without it, you have nothing…”